“Vera and the bicycle”

The performance of Evgeny Kamenkovich’s graduates in the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, is composed of scraps, photographs and postcards, and is a place where you should go to answer the most important question.

Vera’s suitcase is full of cycling rings, and she can tell a story about each of them. Vera has a dream – to buy a bicycle, but she  cannot manage to save  for it, so she ponders if she should  give up on on her dream? May be then the dream will come true?  Vera’s fiance Kolya, is  a pediatrician, who also has a dream – to save children around the world and to have seven  with Vera.


In the middle of this tragicomedy about an orphan with real Armenian dances I suddenly find myself crying. Whether it be from the fact that all your life you  only  have a grouch on a dream or because here, from the scene of theater center, you hear the most important question you always fear to answer: do you love me at all, even if you do not know that I dream about the bicycle?

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