Varvara Lozenko

Varya Lozenko is a young Russian photographer. She describes her works as  nature and people-oriented. Last spring she presented  “Invisible Beauty” at Flacon design-factory. Once someone said to a blind girl that she didn’t look beautiful in a shot. That was the starting point for Lozenko’s project.

She made shots of blind women during the year when she presented them their favourite flowers.

In her project she tried to answer  the question “What is beauty?” and of how people could appreciate  beauty if they couldn’t see it. To each picture she put Braille description by herself.


While taking pictures for this project she met a young blind girl named Irina who never traveled abroad because of her condition. Despite  her blindness Irina successfully graduated from university and took medals in horseback riding contests.

Lozenko decided to sell her shots and to spend the half of the income to organize a trip for Irina and her dad. She started the project in December 2012 and in April 2013 Irina went to Paris.

Another outstanding project from Lozenko is a work in progress titled “320 Icelandic people”. Lozenko has been in deep love with Iceland for a long time and usually goes there to volunteer.


She decided to take shots of 320 Icelandic people which is around one thousandth of the population of Iceland. In her works we see the real life of fishermen, ship carpenters and other ordinary people against the background of the amazing environment of the North.