The nomad and the steppe

Young Buryat artist Zorikto Dorzhiev is quite famous in Russia, as well as abroad. He has several personal exhibitions in Russia, Europe, China and New York. From his works, full of a mixed of sense of humor and traditional art, we can discover the traditional nomad life of Buryats, Russian Mongolians, who are living on the shores of Lake Baikal.


Dorzhiev is one of the representatives of Russian Asian artists and may be continuing Dashi Namdakov’s tradition. Buryat fine arts are very distinctive and were formed under the influence of Tibetan and Chinese cultures. In Dorzhiev’s works the main theme is the relationship between the nomad and the steppe.

Buddhist philosophy is reflected in his works, because in the vast steppes of Buryatia time is nothing and nomads usually think in terms of eternity. The inspiration for the plots of his works comes from the history of his nation, and through the prism of irony. A parody of the Mona Lisa is one of his most famous pictures.


Dorzhiev is like Buryat fashion designers who usually remember and respect their roots and try to promote the traditional way of style among the youth. This is quite important in the era of globalization when fashion has no borders anymore and we can find hipsters in the same hoodies and skinny jeans  everywhere – from Ulan-Ude to Manhattan.


This mindset helps people all over the world be more informed about the history and culture of this outstanding nation, who is credited with creating the second greatest empire in the history of humanity.